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There’s An App for That – Best Apps for Beginner Runners

I’m a self-proclaimed app junkie.  It’s no secret!  My husband calls me the “app queen,” which isn’t entirely accurate (mostly because I don’t have a crown!), but I do like apps.  A lot. In fact, I downloaded an app to tell me about other apps!  It’s called Drippler and it’s claim to fame is “making your smart phone awesome.”  It has …

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Fitness can be fun!

I’ve been following Jessica Smith’s workout series on YouTube for quite awhile now.  She is by far my favorite fitness instructor – yes, even more than my old fave Jillian Michaels!  Don’t get me wrong, Jillian Michaels and all the others have their place in the fitness world, but I’m so beyond the hard core “push till you puke” mentality. …

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