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$75 at Olive Garden and Other December Expenditures

Well here it is, a full week into January and the final numbers are in for our December budget. I have to warn you: it isn’t pretty.

We overspent on gifts. (Doesn’t everyone?) The amount listed this month – $500.90 – isn’t even close to what we spent overall. I got tired of carrying around cash and had to order a few things online so I deposited what was left of our Christmas club account so I could place online orders. I am proud to say that we didn’t accumulate any new debt for the Christmas season this year! This is our second year in a row of paying cash for Christmas and it feels pretty good.

A few out of the norm expenses this month were:

  • Our sewer bill, which comes due every three months
  • Grocery spending was still high – I’m vowing to switch back to Aldi from now on and will let you know how that adjustment goes
  • We spent $75 at Olive Garden – our annual “Christmas Eve dinner splurge” was a bit pricey, but it was oh-so-delicious

Our big win this month is paying off my bank loan! YEAH! Another one bites the dust! 

And here’s the breakdown of our spending. 

I am curious how this matches up with everyone else’s monthly budgets. Am I way off base here? Do I have my priorities messed up? How do you control grocery spending? 


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