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Six Frugal Habits You Need Now

Control your financial future with these top 6 habits of frugal people Getting your spending under control isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s a daily struggle! If you’ve ever wondered what makes frugal people so good at being… well… frugal, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of smaller behaviors we can change to“Six Frugal Habits You Need Now”

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9 Money-Saving Christmas Traditions

This week, I’ve teamed up with to bring you the best money-saving Christmas traditions. Don’t miss a beat – keep reading! Christmas is almost here! A time for celebrating with our families and friends, for giving and receiving, and for parading around in your tackiest Christmas sweater (think flashing lights, tinsel and holiday puns“9 Money-Saving Christmas Traditions”

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Control Your Spending with the 50/30/20 Rule

When trying to control your spending seems like a never-ending battle, I’m here to tell you there is hope. You can simplify your spending and get your finances under control with this simple budget hack. The 50/30/20 rule for budgeting is easy to start and even easier to stick to in the long-term. After all,“Control Your Spending with the 50/30/20 Rule”

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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary on a Budget

Life is filled with reasons to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, newborn babies, promotions… it doesn’t matter the time of year, there’s always a reason to spend money. But what happens when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you’re broke when your anniversary rolls around? How do you celebrate your anniversary on a budget? This time“10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary on a Budget”

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Top 10 Practical Wedding Gifts on a Budget

When turning to Google for ideas on wedding gifts, I’m always disappointed with the results. I’m presented with super-expensive options (a $100 french press, anyone?) or DIY solutions that I don’t have the time or skill to accomplish. What I need are practical wedding gifts on a budget. Most people have a wedding registry. Though“Top 10 Practical Wedding Gifts on a Budget”

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