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Soggy Feet, Slow Bathtub Drains and 20 Other Uses for Baking Soda

Currently, our home is plagued with a slow moving bathtub drain. We moved into our new home a few weeks ago and noticed this problem right away. The trouble is, with unpacking, adjusting to a new routine, and keeping up with our already too-busy schedules of baseball coaching and Girl Scouts, I keep forgetting about the slow drain problem. Well, I forget until the next time I step into the shower and end up with“Soggy Feet, Slow Bathtub Drains and 20 Other Uses for Baking Soda”

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Washers and Dryers and Homemade Cookies

Now that Mr. Marvelous and I are officially new homeowners, we’re discovering a new frontier of opportunities to save (and spend!) money. While there are some necessities that come along with buying a new home (closing costs, a trash can, and a washer and a dryer, for example), there is a whole slew of things to spend money on that might make life better in this moment, but will do nothing for our long-term goals.“Washers and Dryers and Homemade Cookies”

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