Open post how to be happy even when you're broke

How to be Happy (Even when you’re Broke)

As a wife and mother, I have a tough time being happy. When you add in the weight of debt, budgeting, and the busyness of life, it seems impossible to be happy when you’re broke.  And then I see pictures on Facebook of all the fun my friends are having – vacations, beach trips, new clothes, and fancy restaurant meals – and that’s enough to send me over the edge. Why can’t I have that?“How to be Happy (Even when you’re Broke)”

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Open post cheap and easy ways to decorate easter eggs

4 Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure here. This week I have a very special treat for you all. My daughter Nora wanted to contribute to the blog and she wrote this one completely by herself! (Proud mom moment!) She’s 11 years old and in the fifth grade. And she tells me all the time that “you shouldn’t start a sentence with the word ‘and’” (and I do vaguely remember that was my academic“4 Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs”

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Open post best movies for date night he'll actually watch, valentine's night movies

5 Awesome Movies for Date Night He’ll Actually Watch

Movie night is one of our favorite low-budget date nights. The trouble is, my husband and I often disagree on what movie to watch. Do you have that problem? (Oh, please say we’re not the only ones that can’t agree on a movie to watch! HA!) There’s no question that Andrew and I are different. He’s your typical guy – he likes all the Marvel superhero movies, the Lord of the Rings, and others that“5 Awesome Movies for Date Night He’ll Actually Watch”

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Open post how to lose weight while on a budget

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

It’s the start of a new year and for many that means our ambition to accomplish new and amazing things has kicked into high gear. Many of us choose weight loss as our goal and, if you’re not careful, that goal can derail your budget faster than you can say “hold the mayo.” But weight loss doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are so many diet and exercise programs out there (some good, some“5 Best Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget”

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Open post Random Acts of Kindness

31 Free Ways Families Can Give Thanks this Season

When focusing on a debt-free future, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in our own world of budgeting and spreadsheets that we lose sight of the true meaning behind why we’re doing what we’re doing. To be more generous. Think of the money I could give to the church, to help out friends and family, to save for my child’s college education, if I didn’t have all this debt. But while we’re busy saving“31 Free Ways Families Can Give Thanks this Season”

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Open post best free workout videos

Budget Fitness: Best Free Workout Videos

With the holidays here, money is tight. It seems like I’m always forgetting to budget for something: extra money in the grocery budget for holiday dinners and get-togethers is my biggest downfall this year. And with tight budgets, it’s tough to justify spending money on a gym membership. Health is important and definitely deserves a spot on your monthly budget. But if you just can’t swing it (like me), don’t worry. There is a way“Budget Fitness: Best Free Workout Videos”

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Open post debt free weight loss

How My Debt-Free Journey Led to a 30 lb Weight Loss

Mr. Marvelous and I are on this “Dave Ramsey” plan to pay off our credit cards.  Our ultimate goal is to become debt free, including student loans, car payments, our mortgage, etc – but that’s very overwhelming so we’re focusing right now on our credit cards.  They have the highest interest rates (and the lowest balances compares to our student loans and car loans), so we started with them first. Last year we cut up“How My Debt-Free Journey Led to a 30 lb Weight Loss”

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Open post make a camping kit

How to Make a Cheap Camping Kit

As a kid, my family and I went on numerous camping trips.  In hindsight, it was a great source of free family fun (since we camped at a relatives wooded property up north). But the first time I went camping as an adult I learned a hard lesson: camping as an adult is a lot more work than camping as a kid! Mr. Marvelous, Girl Marvelous, and I went camping last month with our church.“How to Make a Cheap Camping Kit”

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