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Cheap and Easy Chicken Recipes to Save Time & Money in the Kitchen

Are you overscheduled, overworked, and just plain busy? You’re not alone! As a wife, I’m always striving to make life for my family better than before. Part of that is slowing down and finding joy in the simple things. But what about weeknights? Sometimes they’re just plain busy! Trying to get a healthy meal on the table every night to feed my family adds to the already crazy-busy week.   Where we live, chicken is“Cheap and Easy Chicken Recipes to Save Time & Money in the Kitchen”

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Open post washer dryer and homemade cookies

Washers and Dryers and Homemade Cookies

Now that Mr. Marvelous and I are officially new homeowners, we’re discovering a new frontier of opportunities to save (and spend!) money. While there are some necessities that come along with buying a new home (closing costs, a trash can, and a washer and a dryer, for example), there is a whole slew of things to spend money on that might make life better in this moment, but will do nothing for our long-term goals.“Washers and Dryers and Homemade Cookies”

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