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Furnace Filters and Other January Expenses

I’m embarrassed to post our budget for January. (Please don’t judge us!) Do you ever have a month where everything is out of whack? That was our month last month. So many things went wrong. Please know we’re doing much better this month and even making more sacrifices to help make up for all the ridiculous that went on with our January budget.

So, here’s the thing. Andrew and I both had unexpected medical problems that had financial implications. I’ve posted about mine before – but I don’t think I’ve mentioned Andrew’s blood clotting disorder. He’s been on anticoagulants (blood thinners) for a little over a year and had some complications with that this month.

Between both of our medical problems, there were many trips back and forth to the doctor and the hospital (extra money spent on gas), and lots of being on the road and bed-rest (which means more money is spent on going out to eat).

Our budget is really jacked up this month.

But that’s one reason why having an emergency fund is so important. It really saved us this month. We are making additional sacrifices this month to help compensate, too. 

For instance, we cut our grocery bill and have been eating very simple meals (sandwiches, anyone?) and we completely eliminated our dining out budget for the month. Pretty sure we spent enough on that last month. And for Valentine’s Day, we’re going to stay in and enjoy a movie together instead of going out. It’s better quality time and saves us money – so it’s a win-win!

So here it is…. our crazy over-budget budget report.

I’d love to hear about your budget blunders. How did you do for January?


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