how i saved 100 on makeup

How I Saved $100 on Makeup

It’s no secret that beauty is expensive. I recently set out on a journey to save money on makeup. I was shocked when I discovered I could save $100! I was expecting to save a few bucks, maybe twenty at the most. But $100? That’s incredible. And I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.

Makeup is one of the budget categories that I struggle with. I’m no fashionista, but I do like makeup and I like the way it makes me feel when I wear it – it’s just that I can’t help but think, in the back of my mind, that it’s money I could be using to help pay off our debt.

I know that makes me a crazy person. I’m seriously addicted to saving money and finding more ways to pay off our debt faster.

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how to save money on makeup


So, I’ve been trying to find new beauty products that are comparable to the ones I’m used to using, but that are less expensive. And I’ve found a few I’d like to share with you.

You see, before Andrew and I got married (in 2014) I went to the Clinique counter at the mall and had them give me a makeover. And, since this was before our debt-busting journey started, I bought everything they recommended. (It cost a fortune!) And since then, I’ve continued to buy those same products because I knew they worked for me.

Though I have started making my own makeup remover. It’s the best makeup remover I’ve ever used – and it’s so simple to make and it costs next to nothing. (I even use this over the expensive Clinique eye makeup remover!)

And I am so excited to share with you these high quality (but low priced!) beauty products to help you save money in your budget. Because any extra we can find to throw at our debt will make a difference in the long run.

What are your favorite money-saving beauty suggestions?

Old Beauty Routine Money-Saving Substitutions
New Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15, 1 oz / 30 ml, 03 Ivory (VF-N)

This is the makeup I switched to for my wedding 2+ years ago. It has great coverage but my skin always feels greasy and "cakey" by the end of the day. Plus, at $30+ a bottle, it hurts my budget.
Almay Smart Shade CC Cream, Light Medium/200, 1 Fluid Ounce

Provides even coverage of my skin imperfections in a light-weight formula. I love this because it doesn't feel greasy - plus it saves me time and money (just $8!) on my morning routine.
Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush 02 Transparency

You can't use liquid foundation without a powder to set it and this was my "go-to" product.
Now, before you go all crazy on me... the Almay CC Cream really does have great coverage. Way better than I ever thought! I mean, I gave up my Clinique for it! Plus, the Almay CC Cream has a matte finish - no powder needed!
Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula Black Onyx for Women, 0.21 Ounce

I have wimpy lashes and always thought I needed an expensive mascara to add length and definition.

Maybelline New York Volum' Express The Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara, Very Black, 0.31 fl. oz.

This mascara is awesome! Seriously. No clumps and it lengthens and creates volume like nobody's business. I was having problems with clumping and smudging. And flakes! But I'm super-pleased with this Maybeline mascara.
Clinique All About Shadow Quad Eye Shadow for Women, Pink Chocolate, 0.16 Ounce

This eye shadow comes in the perfect colors to match my skintone and had long-lasting staying power. But, it's super pricey.
Almay Intense I Color Shadow Stick for Hazel Eyes, 0.07 Ounce

This is a much more affordable alternative and it stays put on my lids all day - no smearing or smudging. Plus, it has a easy lipstick-designed applicator that makes mornings easier.

Can you believe I found a savings of $100? It’s insane. So I encourage you to set out on your own budget-busting journey – think about what you could save a few bucks on. And you might end up saving more than you ever thought possible!

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