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Old Debts, Credit Reports, and Other February Expenses

A sneak peek into one of the most personal areas of our lives – our finances. I struggle with sharing this with you each and every month. Money is the most-fought-about topic in the history of the world, I’m pretty sure. And it’s one of the leading causes of divorces! And even though our spending habits are very personal, I share them with you each month.


Because a wise man once said to me, “If it’s not mentionable, it’s not manageable.” And I think there is a lot of truth to that.

Think about it: what’s the most important skill to have in a relationship? Some might say patience or understanding, the ability to love or have empathy – but it’s communication. If you can’t communicate, you won’t get very far in your marriage or in life. Mastering the art of communication takes a lot of skill (like patience, understanding, love, and empathy, as mentioned above) but it’s one of the most important facets of our lives.

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So here I am… communicating our finances with you. My goal is to help you manage your money and, because “if it’s not mentionable, it’s not manageable, here I am to “mention” our spending habits, and tips and tricks for what works to help keep us on budget and on track.

Speaking of staying on budget, if you missed my earlier post, I encourage you to check out Personal Capital to help you track your spending. It’s an amazing tool and helps keep me honest in my budget.

This month is especially personal because we are trying to buy a house. And, in the process, we discovered some old debts on Andrew’s credit report that we had to clean up – and this took a big chunk of our income this month. And that’s on top of inspection and appraisal fees, and trying to keep our savings at a level high enough to cover the down payment.

Needless to say, this month has been stressful. 

But I learned many valuable lessons: for instance, our going-out-to-eat budget is nearly non-existent this month! And our grocery budget is much more in-line with what we should be spending each month. So, I’ve learned that with just a little discipline and some concrete goals, you really can accomplish amazing things with your money.

Here’s our breakdown for February:


How did your budget turn our in February? Did you overspend on flowers for Valentine’s Day?

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