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Our Monthly Budget for October 2016

The budget this month is rough. Andrew and I had to face some hard truths this month and we realized we got way off track with our money management.
It’s true. We failed at our budget. Big time.
They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. So that’s what we’re doing this month. We have a problem. You see, a few months ago, we switched to using an online budgeting software instead of our cash envelopes.
As it turns out, the harsh reality is neither Andrew or I have the discipline required to manage our spending with plastic.
Without further ado, here is our atrocious October 2016 expenses:


So starting November 1st, we went back to basics: we’re going back to the envelope system and using cash for our purchases.

We’ll still pay our bills online (we have most of them setup on auto-pay and that is a huge time + stress saver!) but the rest – groceries, gas, clothes, restaurants, clothing – will be paid only with cash.
That way, when the cash is gone, we stop spending. And there’s no worry of going over budget.
How was your budget for October? Did you do better than we did?
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