Ready to stop the overwhelm and find peace with your finances? Me, too.

I'm one of those people who is never satisfied. I'm always trying new products, programs, tips, and tricks to figure out if there's a better (i.e. cheaper, easier, less time consuming) way to do things.

Because of that, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge and information about the different products, applications, and resources that are out there. And I'm often asked for recommendations them, too.

In the spirit of helping you save time and money, and end the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, here is my list of the products and programs I recommend the most.

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Resources to Help You Save Money

Of course I have to add my own free resource library here. LOL Seriously, though, there are worksheets to save you time and money plus easy, actionable money-saving tips, too.

One of my most popular posts is the one I did on 3 easy steps to ditch bottled water. Switching to using a Brita filter has saved us over $150 every year. It's an easy way to save money on your grocery budget.

This is the water bottle I carry with me everywhere I go. Seriously! I fill it with water from the Brita pitcher (above) and I'm good to go. It's spill-proof and it comes in this pretty teal color that I love.

My hubs prefers this water bottle. It has a built-in Brita water filter so he can fill it up wherever he's at (work, camping, etc) using any faucet and he'll have freshly filtered water on the go. We bought one for our 11 year old daughter, too, and she loves it.

The easiest and most intuitive way to track your spending is with Personal Capital. It's FREE plus it has an amazing app you can download to your smartphone, too.

Money-Making Resources to Put Cash in your Pocket

My hubby never knows how we get gift cards to B-Dubs all the time haha. This is my secret! I do (free) surveys and watch (free) ads and commercials to earn points that I redeem for gift cards. It's seriously easy. And the gift cards come in handy for impromptu date nights!

Starting my freelance writing business has helped me earn extra income to put toward our debt snowball. If you love to write and want to make some extra money, this is a great book to get started.

Best Resources For Bloggers

Starting a blog is one of the best things I've ever done. Whether you want to use it to make money or just as an outlet for all your creative energy, it's a great way to connect with others - plus, it's super cheap to start. No, really, it is (you'll be surprised!).

Bluehost is who I use for all my web hosting. This blog and my writing website are both hosted here. They make it super easy to sign up. And for only $5.95 a month, you can't go wrong.

If you're looking for a tried-and-true system to get yourself up and running, this is it. I took this class and it was seriously a game-changer for me, right from the 1st day! Amber Temerity walks you through organization tips for your blog and for running your social media accounts.

Free 12-Month Blog Plan


If you're new to blogging or if you're just feeling lost, Suzi from offers a free step-by-step guide to get you on the right track. This is the plan she used to get from $0 to $9,000 in a year and she offers it free on her website. This is a must-have for all new bloggers!

If you want to make money on your blog, this is a great resource to get you started. Full of tips and tricks - highly recommended!