Save Summer with these Top 5 Summer Activities for Kids

Can you believe summer is half over? I know, I don’t want to believe it either. I wish the summer months would go on and on and…

But before summer is over and the kids head back to school, here are some must-do budget friendly activities to get the most out of summer vacation.

  • Neighborhood bike parade ( – Kids love the freedom that comes with being able to ride their bike. Celebrate that by inviting all the neighbor kids to decorate their bike and have a parade!
  • Blend your own smoothie ( – Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an icy cold treat. Blending in fruit makes it a great, healthy choice to beat the heat this summer.
  • Summer reading programs ( – There are tons of summer reading programs available. My favorite is from Barnes and Noble. Check it out!
  • Host a super slumber party ( – Be the coolest mom on the block by hosting a sleepover for your kiddo and their friends.
  • Teach your kids how to jump rope ( – Jumping rope is the all-time best kid activity, but I hardly see kids doing it. Re-introduce them to this fun activity!

Summer is a time to relax and let go with your kids – find your inner child and have fun with your favorite little people!

Amy Beardsley

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Amy Beardsley is a Freelance Writer and Professional Ghostwriter whose work has appeared in dozens of financial planning and real estate blogs and magazines. In addition to writing articles, Amy has ghostwritten content for hundreds of social media profiles. With a background in the legal field, she transforms complex ideas and information into engaging easy-to-understand stories. Find Amy on Facebook, Twitter @emorningmoney or on her website,

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