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Surviving the Guilt of Summer as a Working Mom


Every summer it starts.  The guilt of going to work every day and taking Nora to daycare.  Oh, how I wish I could stay home and play with her!

I was blessed to stay home with her full-time for the first year and a half after she was born. As thankful as I am to have had that opportunity, it also made me realize that I’m not the “stay at home mom” type. I have a huge amount of respect for women who do stay home! And those that go into the workforce after their babies are born. Both are equally challenging.

surviving guilt as a working mom

For me and my house, we need the money my income brings to help pay off our mountain of debt. Plus, in reality, staying home every day would make me crazy.  I don’t think it’d bother me too much in the summer (hello beach and sunshine!), but during the winter months I’d lose my mind.  Not to mention staying home with kids is exhausting!  So I try to get the best of both worlds by taking a few days off during the summer months to spend with Nora playing, and taking her to daycare the rest of the time so she can play with her friends there.

Yesterday was a much-needed summer fun day! And it was super-budget-friendly.First on the agenda was watching the new Monster High Movie,

First on the agenda was watching the new Monster High Movie, Scaris.  (You know, like Paris only scary… so it’s Scaris.)

This is Rochelle Goyle, a gargoyle.

Then we did our nails with polish we had at home and took our dog Rosie for a walk to the lake once they were dry. She must have been hot because she laid right down in the water.

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Right after lunch we packed to head to the lake!  It was the PERFECT day for the beach!  I splurged on ice cream for her since it was such a hot day. We enjoyed the sun, played in the water, and I pushed her on the tire swing at the nearby park.  Here’s the highlights of our day!

Nora eating her chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. She opted to have it in a cup rather than a cone so she didn’t have to worry about it melting. Since I’m lactose intolerant, I stayed away from the ice cream lol
The view from our towels. Was a gorgeous day!
After enjoying several hours in the sun, we got changed for our weekly walk with my mom. This is us in our “workout clothes” waiting for her to meet us at the park.

It was just the best day!  Our walk was nice – we walked by the lake since we were already there and the lake breeze and the birds was just awesome.  It made our25-minutee walk go by in a flash!


So there’s a lesson in all this… you can survive the guilt of being a working mom by taking a few days throughout the year to focus on your kiddos. And budget-friendly summer fun is possible, even with kids!

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