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Save Money: Best DIY Makeup Remover (it’s easy!)

Makeup remover is an essential part of my beauty routine. It’s the only way to really get rid of the dreaded “racoon eyes” in the morning from those left-over bits of mascara and eyeliner. The trouble is that it’s something I spend a small fortune on each year. You, too? So I set out to find the best DIY makeup remover.

With contacts, I’m always super careful with what I put on my eyes. I don’t want weird ingredients getting beneath my lid (and you know that’s what happens with makeup remover!) and clouding my vision.

As for the makeup I use, I was okay with using a drugstore brand – but even that was $10-$15 for a bottle of liquid foundation. But then, right before my wedding in 2014, I switched from the discount drugstore brand I’d been using to a more expensive brand: Clinique.

Sure, it’s sometimes hard to justify spending $30 on a single bottle of liquid foundation, but the tradeoff is definitely worth it. (Update: I did switch! Find out how I saved $100 on makeup!)

But I do like to save money wherever possible and I’ve recently switched to making my own makeup remover to use at home.

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The disposable makeup remover pads are a great convenience, yes. But is it really that much extra work to grab a cotton pad every night to remove my eye makeup?

I have to say I didn’t have my hopes up too high when doing this experiment. But I was wrong! This is quite possibly the most amazing DIY beauty hack. Ever.

Making the Switch

When transitioning to your own DIY makeup remover, the hardest part to get right is taking off the eyeliner and mascara (this is my favorite mascara – it gives my limp lashes length and volume). I don’t want to tug and pull at the delicate skin around my eye. I’m aging fast enough and I don’t want to help the process along by abusing my skin!

Although I have this concern with over-the-counter eye makeup remover, too. Maybe I’m just too self-conscious of it because I’m now closer to being 40 than I am to 30 (yikes).

After scouring the internet for DIY eye makeup remover solutions that “real people” can use (none of this coconut/jojoba oil nonsense – I’m much too busy to figure out where to buy that), this is the concoction that looks like a winner.

It comes to you from who claims she used Clinique eye makeup remover before switching to this DIY mixture to remove her makeup.

And since I’m using Clinique makeup products myself (mostly, though I do have an Almay eyeliner), I think this DIY recipe is going to be the best bet.

Are you with me?

Here goes…

Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover
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  1. 2 oz water
  2. 5 drops baby oil
  3. 1/4 tsp tear-free baby shampoo
  1. Stir together water, baby oil, and shampoo
  2. Pour into a storage container
  3. Apply to cotton ball or pad and gently wipe away makeup
  4. *Shake well before each use
Adapted from a Traveling Wife
Adapted from a Traveling Wife

The Results

best DIY makeup removerOMG. I cannot believe how amazing this eye makeup remover is. I know I’m going to sound like an infomercial right now… but seriously people.

You. Must. Do. This.

This homemade eye makeup remover is the best DIY makeup remover I’ve ever used.

And it was super easy to make! The ingredients are easy enough to buy at your local Target or dollar store and the measuring and mixing was quick and painless. For me, I spent $1.48 on the baby shampoo and $2.77 on the baby oil – and the water was free. Because you use 1/4 tsp of the shampoo and only a few drops of the baby oil, this seriously costs mere pennies

It takes my eye makeup off completely and leaves my lashes soft and silky. There’s no leftover mascara or eyeliner residue, no raccoon eyes, and no “goop” stuck in the corners of my eyes to dig out the next morning.

Even if it cost more money to make this than to buy my old Clinique brand of makeup remover, I would still use this DIY version from

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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